About us
who are we and what do we stand for?

Averill Family in Financial Business Since 1958

Financial Advisory Clinic Incorporated in 1970

Averill II Originally Licensed in 1981

Cap Averill II & Associates Incorporated in 1990


We are not aware of another advisor referral entity, or annuity information site, with such high screening standards for the advisors they recommend.  We independently verify that the advisors we refer have a history of happy clients.  The majority of the advisors we refer will be happy to be completely transparent with you and disclose the annuities they use in their own portfolios.


Our network of advisors is comprised of individuals, credentialed as licensed insurance agents, who have unfettered access to annuity products and companies.

  • Many national brokerage and financial firms limit their agents to only offer pre-selected annuities which may not be the most appropriate for your objectives.
  • We are the only entity, to our knowledge, whose advisor network makes it possible to consider all annuity products available to us when making recommendations for your specific needs.
  • If you work exclusively with either a life insurance agent, or a registered investment advisor, their specific licensure may restrict them from access to all annuity products available in the marketplace.


We can connect you with agents who will be completely transparent with you and disclose which annuities they use in their own portfolios. That’s unprecedented in the world of annuities. In some cases, we can connect you with those who have designed the products you are considering. This puts you in a unique position to know the positives and negatives of each contract in a very intimate way.


Our stringent standards for fiduciaries require not only experience and an outstanding track record, but also high client satisfaction ratings. In every economic downturn, most advisors begin discussing annuities with their clients regardless of their experience. We focus on advisors who have made annuities their primary focus throughout their career.

Our Reputation & Promise

Our company was built on the premise put forth by my father, Carleton Averill, Sr, who said:

“I will never recommend or sell any product unless I own it, or would be purchasing it if I was them.”

Most people will not ask their annuity agent which annuities they purchased for their own savings. It’s an awkward question, but a valid and important one. At Carleton E. Averill, II & Associates, Inc. we don’t make you ask that question, we openly offer you that information, and you will see that we have our own money in most of the same companies we represent. We take pride in our transparency and are happy to show you our own family’s portfolios.

Our slogan is, “Happy clients tell the story.” We are proud of our track record, which has earned us an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Why are we the right choice for your annuity needs?

Would you buy a 4.5% fixed rate five year annuity if you knew another five year contract was available paying you 1.5% more each year 99.9% of the time?

Due to our product design background, we have proprietary tools for this. We do not know of any other entity using historical data and “permutation testing” to prove how different contracts crediting methods would pan out in real life. We also pay attention to economic circumstances when recommending products.

  • We design Annuities - We’ve used them in our own portfolios for decades.
  • We will show you the results of the annuities we use in our portfolios.
  • We do not sell different products than we buy.
  • We have thousands of reviews and ZERO complaints.
  • We are known for our Nationally Televised Financial Documentaries (PBS).
  • We impose a higher standard since our company’s inception.

WHO are the averills?

As an American, I have a deep appreciation for the opportunities afforded to me, and it is my passion to help others live the American dream.

I claim no fame as a result of being a descendant of any famous person, nor do I believe it provides me with any borrowed credibility due to genetic attachment to people who achieved great things.

I wouldn't be unjustly prejudiced against someone who had a criminal ancestor either. My point is that I am humbled by my ancestry and proud of my lineage.

I am a direct descendant of 14 of the people who came over on the Mayflower. I am extremely proud to be the descendant of the first female physician in the United States of America.

One of my 12th great-grandfathers, Overmyer, was a sharpshooter under Washington, and another 12th great-grandfather, despite pressures against it, married a Shawnee princess.

My ancestors were from northern states and fought for abolition in the Civil War as officers and marksmen. I am also a direct descendant of my sixth great-grandfather, Daniel Boone, as well as his daughter, my fifth great-grandmother, who was captured from her family, kidnapped, and retrieved at the age of 10. She was a survivor.

Most of my family members lived until the age of 100 or their late 90s, even before advanced medical services were available. We are truly blessed in this way. On my father's side, my grandfather was a friend and confidant of President Truman, and my grandmother was the first female state representative in the state of Michigan.

My father, Carleton “Cap” Averill, Sr., was the greatest man I have ever known, and I strive to walk in his footsteps. His accomplishments far surpass mine. The man of the greatest quality of character I have ever known was my mother's father, C. Raymond Lowe.

Although he was a consummate woodsman and fisherman, who could live off the land as second nature, he made it his passion to teach me to provide for myself in the same way. At the time of his passing, he was unaware that he was the fourth great-grandson of Daniel Boone, despite never missing an episode of Fess Parker playing Daniel Boone in the popular series of the time.

The drive, pragmatism, financial brilliance, and inspiration from my father, combined with the theoretical teachings of right and wrong, as well as the arts from my mother's side, deserve 100% of the credit for anything I have ever accomplished or will ever become.


HOW DO WE get paid?

We don't charge you anything, but we do get paid. How does that work?

Annuities are issued by insurance companies, and per industry custom, the insurance company pays a “street” commission to the agent. Therefore, although we do not charge clients directly for the sale of annuities or the development of the client’s annuity plans, please know that when a person decides to become one of our “happy clients” we receive compensation directly from the insurance carrier, which covers our product selection and underwriting costs related to your annuity.

Rest assured that at no point during this process will we charge or attempt to collect from you  any fees other than what we receive directly from the insurance company. The backtesting and other information being provided to you is for your education and your analysis process and is absolutely free.  We will not surprise you with any monthly fees or other costs for using the MyStatement or the MyAnnuityApp.com service, but in order to be completely transparent we want to reiterate that we do get paid commissions directly by the insurance companies if you end up purchasing a product.

we’ve served 10,000+ clients and had zero complaints
BBB accredited A+