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Retirevana is a free no obligation shopping service using state of the art AI tools, provided by Cap Averill II & Associates

What our clients are saying

Steve Lennex
I am a happy client and I'm telling your story. I can say now I sleep well at night.
Rated 5 stars
Mark Knackstead
I need somebody who I can trust, who's honest and follows through with what they say.
Rated 5 stars
Clement Drombrowski
I think it's one of the better decisions I've made in this point of my life, given what the options are out there.
Rated 5 stars
Jeff Jantz
Cap puts his money where his advice goes, and I love that.
Rated 5 stars

What is 'Retirevana'?

For a number of reasons, the chances that the exact car that you desire with all the options you desire at the price you want to pay is more likely to be located somewhere else in the United States as compared to the local lot nearest to you.

When you think about the time and energy you would have to spend literally driving to lots around the country comparing prices, as compared to having access to cars on lots across the country, it's really not surprising to find that the result is significantly better all the way around.

Annuities are regulated at the state level. One given company's annuity product may have different attributes in several different states. Some agents are considered to be "captive" which means that they can only sell for us certain subset of companies or products. Online, usable comparative information is very difficult to find.

Cap Averill II & Associates created Retirevana that reason.

We kept hearing from people, that they were less than impressed of the payouts on income rider products they were looking at and could not get comparative information easily.

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Retirevana reps have to be independent in the sense that there are no controls over the companies that they offer, they have to have access to and understand how to utilize our Annuity Dyno Testers, our Retirement Crash Test and Firewall tests, as well as all of our historical datatesting programs, in order to make recommendations that are appropriate

We have never charge fees for family financial planning at Cap Averill II and associates. We are insurance licensed, and we are paid commissions directly by the companies that our clients select, so that we donot ever bill our clients for our services directly. You can clearly set an appointment with one of our representatives with the knowledge that there willnot be any cost nor will you be made to feel obligated in anyway.

Even to the extent that if you are trying to make a solid decision on an annuity but you do like the people you are currently working with, please just be upfront with us about that, we will still be happy to provide feedback for you, at no cost, and hopefully guide you to something you will be happy with in the future.